Monday, May 31, 2010


It's been a gloomy, rainy week here in Oz ,,, the rain is pouring down accompanied with gusty cold wind.. My laundry is piling up and my car is getting dirty.

It's the best day to laze around and do nothing and keep warm...

We are building a house and good thing the excavation was already finished , the brick layer was suppose to work last week,, but with the weather like this ,, there is no way he can do it .. so, everything is on hold waiting for a good weather to come,, but the forecast is RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!!!

Instead I try to do some research on the style that I want inside the house,, I m still tossing between a modern contemporary style with modern furniture or with a little bit of country flair to it ...
I'm just getting all the ideas and some pics and filling them for future references...
I just hope that his weather will clear up soon..

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