Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hard work

Who needs a fitness equipment ,, when you can have this?????

Yeah this is my hubby's latest fitness regime.... Building a house,, 1st he have to shovel a whole heap of dirt and concrete,, and oh boy what a back breaking labour,,, for 3 days straight my hubby was sore and tired ,, he said he was wondering how the workers can do it everyday.....

They start at 7:00 am and finish at 4 pm , such along day of hard and heavy work . My hubby works everyday in his business ,, he lifts stuff but he said this one wore him out and plus the stress that he is feeling ,, It is really draining for him,,, I commend him for doing his best and I will always be there to comfort and help him, although I cannot physically do all the hard work I visit the site everyday and offer everyone drinks and just show my support!!!
Ahhh the hard work of building.....!!!

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