Sunday, May 16, 2010

Building our home

May 12, 2010 Wednesday ,, Finally we started the 1st stage of building our house,, It took us 6 months of long wait for the council to approve our buidling certificate ,, and right after that we are ready to start...
It was such a stressful day for my hubby Joe,, he was all tensed up and he spent the whole day at the site, he did not go to work but opted to manage and oversee the process of digging the dirt..
Our land is 3.3 acres of sloping land,, there are heaps of work to be done and they have to dig up so it can be level .

FOr 3 days straight ,, Joe was on the site to help and make sure evrything is is on the right track ,, its the foundation of the house and it is very important that he is there. I also dropped in there , checking out the progress.

This is the start of a long heacahe and excitement for us ,, so I want to capture every stages of it ...

1st day ,,, the start of digging up .....

2nd day when they started pouring the concrete on the foundation

After school , I took the kids to the site so that they can see it and the driver called Braiden and let Braiden manouvered the machine,, my boy was so excited !!!!!

WE are just starting and a long way to go not yet rushing on getting a homeowners insurance , but we just hope that everything will go smoothly!!!!
Its just exciting and

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