Thursday, April 15, 2010

Still have Chocolate Easter Eggs

Easter had passed and here we are still have loads of Chocolate Easter Eggs at home.... Basketful of them on the kitchen table,, although my kids like to eat choco , but strange enough they do not touch the choco on the table!!!

Wonder why... maybe they're all sick and tired of it ... or its is not Cadbury brand.......hmmmmm

Anyway,, every now and then my hubby and I would eat them when kids are already sleeping and coffee time and snack for Mum and Dad while hubby watch TV and I use the net..
It is just a BIG temptation!!!
Sometimes Im thinking of just chucking them in the bin.....

That is what I hate about Easter ... Too much chocolate!!!! If I can just throw them to all my nephews and nieces in Pinas ,,, for sure they would appreciate them....

Anyway,,,, Im just bulking myself here ,,, all the choco are stored in my thighs, belly and hips arrrrrrrgghhhh

I need a diet pills for that, but dont know about diet pill side effects so maybe I should just hop on my WiFit again,, what you reckon???

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