Friday, April 2, 2010

Quiet Day

Its Good Friday and what a quiet day today,,, No going out , no shopping, no eating out,,, instead its the best time to stay at home do some chores,,,, ahhh,,, Laundry time and I think I did 6 loads of washing today ,,,, the sun is out and good thing to take clothes , even beddings outside , since my bot sufferers from asthma whenever there is too much dust and if he gets in contact with cats ,, so he needs a good allergy bedding that is clean and free of allergens.

The kids are running up and down the stairs ,,bored and just making a mess, and my hubby and I were constantly telling them not to make a MESS..... Its 5 pm here now and the day is almost over and we did absolutely chilling out ,, as my teenager would say....

Have a solemn Good Friday and I know its time for Reflection and Recollection ,, so enjoy this day with your family and loved ones and os something creative....

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