Saturday, April 17, 2010

New shopping Trolley

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A Hi Tech Trolley??!!!!!!
Saw this on the news the other day on ACA / A Current Affair show

They say that it would revolutionize our shopping experience expected to hit Melbourne supermarkets in July.

It can display the shopping list , they say it has GPS and find the product that you are looking for .

MediaCart® is revolutionizing shopping with a computerized shopping cart that assists shoppers, delivers targeted communications at the point of purchase, and streamlines store operations. The MediaCart® system accurately anticipates and responds to the shopper's needs - helping them locate products, check prices and product information, and effortlessly manage their shopping lists.
The MediaCart® system delivers an effective shopping experience for your shoppers. Shoppers can locate products, check prices, and scan products at their cart. They can store and retrieve their shopping lists on the Web and retrieve a map of their items at the cart. Shoppers can retrieve product information and pricing, giving basket totals and check off items on the shopping list as they shop.

Find out more on ACA website ......

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My kids love to go grocery shopping with me ad they both like going in the shopping trolley ,, and for sure they would start playing with the machine and muck around with it so it would be just a constant "Don't TOUCH it" drama for me and my kids ...
But as what everyone was commenting,, "Does it trolley go Straight?"" Yeahh,, I hate that trolley that is hard to manoeuvre ,, sometimes I have to hold on to the sides just to make it go straight and with kids inside its just hard and heavy to push..... Just an easy to push trolley please!!!!! That's what I wanted to use!!!
Anyway,, as they say that it is a ploy for advertisement and mostly the big companies have the best advantage because they can show ads and commercial on the screen so some small companies swill have to work had with their ads use traditional ads like door hangers print ads, mail ads and so much more...
So its not only for the consumer but for the Big company who will reap big profits ....

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