Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Urban Decay haul

I just wanted to share my new stuff that I am loving ...

URBAN Decay make up ,, yeah getting hooked on make up gurus at YouTube is a bad idea,, he he he ... an expensive hobby !!!! The good side s getting some tips and tricks , not only the show tutorials but they also do reviews on products .....

Since this is an American owned company , it is hard to find URBAN DECAY here in Oz, I went to look at the website but they do not ship Internationally , so my only chance is to find someone who can order it for me and then send it to me,,, I asked my sister and she twitted it to her friends and luckily CHIKAI of BuzzyMommy volunteered to do it!!!! HORRRAyyyy!!!!

It was such a hassle free stuff using paypal,, just a little hitch about the paypal fee when transferring a fund,, all sorted and when I received my stuff around early this year I cannot contain my excitement,,, YUpppp they are just bunch of make up stuff!!!!

The items arrived all intact and no damage at all...Happy withthe fact that t travelled far and they are all in good condition......

here are my Urban haul...

Deluxe Shadow Box,, I love the glitter box!!!!!!

Love using the Shag ,Underground and Zero!!!!!

My Eyeshadow primer potion is a Must !!!! make up lovers rave about this!!!!!

My mini mascara
All new formula and brush! Six-in-one Skyscraper Mascara lengthens, thickens, brightens, separates, and curls lashes. The flexible, new generation brush grabs and separates, for lashes are long, strong, and feather-soft.

Ammo Box which have loads of glitter eyeshadows ,, Love em!!!!!!

Once again Thank You Chikai!!!!!!!

Now I can create wonderful style and enhance my appearence,, oppps speaking of enhancing my appearence ,, all I need to do is to loose some more kilos,,,arrrgggg I must I must or I might need some fat burner pills ...

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