Sunday, April 25, 2010

My boy's obsession....Transformers

This was the start of B1's obsession with TRANSFORMERS.........

When we went on a holiday in the Philippines ,, my brother have transformers movie and B1 started watching them,,, and he liked it a lot that he watches the movie 3-6 times a day !!! That's how he is ,,, if he likes something then ,, he would watch it all the time..
So when we went back home ,, I went to the shop and bought him the Movies part 1 and 2 and he knows everyone of them,,
His 7th birthday was an array of Transformers stuff and he loved them all....

So now,, he have around 12 cars that he loves to play with and guess what every night I have to help him to convert them from robots into vehicles ,, so I guess I am an expert now hehehe .. More pics to show ext time

Optimus Prime.....

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