Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love em ,,Flowers

I am loving this CUTE colourful cocktail ring that I bought at Gloss for only $ 3 ,, It was on sale and when I saw this I bought it straight away...
I just like the colours and it reminds me of Spring Time,, although it is Autumn here in Oz ,, I still love wearing it ,,, Just a Fun way to jazz up my outfit ..

Also it reminds me of my fave perfume that Hubby bought me last November for my birthday ,, Its LOLA my Marc Jacobs

A warm floral bouquet playfully alluring irresistibly tempting . The captivating heart of the fragrance blooms with luscious fuchsia peony
Sexy with FUN flirtatious!!!!!

Its obvious that I like Marc Jacobs perfume I Heart this one tooo DAISY Love the BOTTLE!!!!!

Soon it will be winter and I would be packing up on some unwated kilos!!!! Just when I feel ike I wanna loose weight its owuld be hard to shred it off in Winter ,, maybe Lipofuze can help... hmmmmm,,, or just do the hard way,, excercise and diet!!!!!! ewwww,, I'm too lazy !!!!

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