Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back o school and something about acne

Back to SCHOOL again!!!!!! ahh 2 weeks of school holiday and today the kids are back to school .. For me,, this school holiday was meaningful since Lil Miss B started school last January and being with her at home is a delight ,, she is a smart little kiddo and she entertains me a lot with her inquisitive character....

I just like spending time with them,, even just chilling out at home or out doing something .
Big Miss M is also back in High school and before the school started ,, took her to her dermatologist again to check on her face since her acne came back again ,,, so she needs to go on medication again ,, while waiting at the doctors office I was reading the leaflets about acne and looking at the acne treatment reviews .

Hopefully this time her acne would clear up quick since I'm quite worried about her acne scars that leave a dark spot on her face... Anyway,, after getting the script off we went to the chemist to buy her meds ,,, so it would be a long 6 months of medication.... ahhh teenage life !!! what a pain!!!!


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