Thursday, March 11, 2010

What am I up to

Yes ,, Did I just mention that Im back to hubby's work place???? When Bianca started Kindergarten last January ,, hubby suggested that I should go to his work and help the our secretary do some filing, papre works and anything that I could lend a hand with ....
I know no more bludging around as my hubby uttered..... Yeah ,, yeah,, drag me out of BED!!!!!! I love my bed!!!!! I just want to stay all day at home,, lie in bed,, play farmville or update my blog@!!!!!! grrrrrr......
But hey ,, wake up my lovely!!!! life is not a bed of roses,, have to go out and do something productive,, I dont need to check the website of philadelphia inquirer jobs ,,, there is something there for me to do,,
hey just kidding,,,, I like going to hubbys work ,,, its our business and I need to help my man and be there for him and for our future,,,
I still update my blog and go to FB and even play Cafe world and Farmville,,,,, ahhh life ,, Work and Play!!!!!!

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