Thursday, March 11, 2010

To file or not to File

A month ago I went on a cleaning mode of my home office ,, all the papers had been filed away and I put away important documents, receipts that should have been clearly printed in a receipt printer ,, but now sitting on the desk and looking at my stuff,,boy oh boy,,, how fast they accumulate!!!!!! Haaaaaa,,, I know I should file afterwards,,, but I not a filer person ,, I pile them 1st then file them away,,, that's what TO FILE tray is for ......
I guess it needs to be dealt with passion again,,,,, do it in 2 hours and have a cup of nice coffee afterwards,,, Don't get me wrong ,, I love lurking in sites about Organizing and I love watching Home shows,,, and I get motivated but needs the motivation to stay within ....
I guess I just blame it on the fact that when Bianca started school ,, I started going to my hubby's work 3 times a week now,, well,,, let just put it this way .... Lack of Time?????

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