Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Holiday

Hows everyone??? Hope that evrything is perfectly well..
Anyway,, I went to check on some of my holiday photos and saw the Disney Holiday,,, It was such a Fun goingto Disneyland,, although we just went to HK Disney is was good since it the closest destination from Australia ,,, we love being there and hopefully someday visit USA and go on Orlando vacation packages , my kids were amazingly good during our travel and would love to do it again but next time Disney USA would be ideal ,, and gezzz we have to start saving for this , we have to see all the shows and be able to have our photos taken with the Disney Princess; since my Lil girl missed out on having her photos done with them,, the shows are good but it was spoken in Mandarin,, so my kids were like duhhhhh????? anyway they still laughed and watched the show ...

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