Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Need to act fast!!!

Lately I am experiencing a hair loss,,, I dont know if it is normal or like what my Hubby said to me "You are moulting like a dog!!!""" there is jhair everywhere,, on my pillows, clothes, toilet, shower, my stuff.... and it makes me feel scared to even brush my hair!!!!!
Hubby said I need a short haircut ,,, and that made me freaked out NO WAY!!! No more short hair for me my dear.. I wanted to have a long shiny hair again just like my hair 15 years ago!!!!!! Long time ago and now how I wish I can have that long shiny hair that everyone complements .. That was my only Crown jewel....

So now I am surfing around finding ways for a more healthy hair I have to act fast to prevent hair loss

Baking soda: When mixed with a regular shampoo, baking soda helps to remove residue.

Cider vinegar: After your first shampoo and rinse, measure about 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar in a pitcher and add about four cups of water. (It's probably a helluva lot easier if you do that before your first shampoo. Suddy eyes and all that jazz.) Pour it over your hair, and here's the trick: don't rinse it out.

Eggs and lemon: Mix together one egg with a dash of lemon juice and add to your normal shampoo. Lather and rinse. The leftover eggs and lemon have pancakes written all over them.

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