Thursday, March 11, 2010

Missing something

I dont know,, I've been missing my old home lately,, sighhhh,,,, sad.......with background music............******
There where days that I can envision myself still walking around the old house hanging around the kitchen ,, I can still clearly see my lounge room, kitchen everything..... another sighhhhhh.... it makes me feel sad,,,
Don't get me wrong I like the place that we are renting at the moment ,, we've got a tremendous view of the golf course, the area is very quiet,, all I can hear at night time are crickets, frogs and night birds and I would wake early morning hearing the sound of the golf ball,,, ahhhh music to my ears ,,, but I guess this is not my home and we are still awaiting for one important paper to be approved so we can start building!!!!
That's it ,,, it must be the wait ,,, the long agonizing wait to build our dream home ,,, ahhhhh still waiting and waiting and feeling the agony ,,,
what is it with me tonight ???
Ok while waiting I'll just check my mails ,, pays online bills, check on the best online term life insurance rates and be productive rather than whinging.... Night evryone!!!

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