Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last Sunday my hubby's family already had a pre Easter gathering ,,, too early???? yeah because Uncle Sam and his family will go on a weekend away ,, so the they decided to have a simple barbie at hubby's grandparents house ...

It was a hot day and as we gather around the table to eat there were various conversation around, they were speaking in Italian and we the outcast are talking amongst ourselves, conversation ranging from childhood memories, things to do and health issue,, because granddad was trying to feel his pulse ,, he was saying that he have a skipping pulse,,, hmmm,,, as he try and feel in pulse with his fingers ,, I don't know if he is getting it correctly ,,, he might need that finger pulse oximeter for accurate reading,,, anyway,, it was just one of those moments that was bothering him,,, but they were trying to appease him and keeping his mind of the things he was feeling..

But above all, it was a good gathering since we were all feeling full after the meal,, kids were playing quietly and we were having good conversation.....

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