Friday, March 19, 2010

Public Speaking Dilemma ?? Try Bravina

How well do you cope with stress or anxiety??????With relaxation method,, Yoga, exercise , or by taking Bravina ??

We all had experience embarrassing moments like this.... Being in front of strangers mumbling or just lost with words..... They say that Public speaking is the most feared event in life..... and I cannot agree more!!!!! I don't have the guts to stand in front and express my feelings ,,, first if it is not spoken in my tongue ; for sure I will jumble my words and nervousness would overtake..

That is why I'm wondering how the heck does other people do it,, is it because they use Bravina which is a supplement to promote relaxation or just what they say they are born to TALK?????
There are Politicians,, who love to talk about their Life, their work or anything under the sun and they can manage really well with the stress,, wondering if they take Bravina to lessen the anxiety or they are just naturally talented people when it comes to Public Speaking.

I can only imagine in my native Homeland where the election fever is on the hype... With all the public speaking and public appearances ; the candidates are all pumped up to be in front of the microphone , all hyped up and ready to give their best , some of them are good entertainers and even yo point that do some tricks like singing or dancing,,, whoooaa and they are really out there getting all the public trust and probably the public Vote ,,, but for me Im contented on just watching them perform ,, got no guts to be infront of the stage,,, just give me Bravina and I might even have a go....

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