Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby tooth

Last week my boy lost his first tooth , actually Dad pulled his tooth out ,, it was already wobbly and almost out ,, my boy had his 2 permanent teeth came out already and was at the back of the baby teeth,,, that is why the new teeth are crooked and we have to take the baby ones to make way for it,,, so the brave Dad used a string technique,,, I was too scared to look at it ,,, eww I just cant take it ... I know we save time and money by not going to a dentist or even the Plano dentist ...Well the baby tooth was still in good condition and Braiden placed it in a cup for Tooth Fairy to collect.... ahh yeah ,, he knows about Tooth Fairy , we took him to watch the Movie Tooth fairy last month , so that he'll be ready when he loose his tooth ,, and my boy was so excited knowing he will get something for it ...

When he woke up in the morning he was so excited to show the $5 note that the Tooth Fairy left for him.......

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  1. i am waiting for my daughter's tooth too.. :) she is already 6..