Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mommy Moments ( A message of Love )

mommy moments

Message of Love for Mommy Moments by Mom Chris this week......

Love ,,,, Love

Unfailing Love and undying commitment to my family...

There are many ways to express it ...

weather to enjoy it with FOOD....

Like this yummy desert .. ahhhh heaven and filling!!!!!!!! sharing it with my hubby and the kids ,, its all in

Or when I make a special treat for the kids Lunchbox for school... all the effort that I made just for them so that they can enjoy and appreciate it!!!!!!

How about some special yummy treats!!!!!!

Some would say Child Labour hahahah,, but nope its teaching them how to do chores at home!!!

How about going on an expensive holiday ,, enjoying the the nice accommodation

Receiving Special gifts!!!!!!!!

Went to see some exciting and beautiful places........

Brighton Le Sands Sydney
DayDream Island Qld

Walking at Bondi beach
Aquarium Visit
Port Stephen

Live in one of the most beautiful city.....

Received and gave lovely notes and beautiful bouquet of flowers.....

Done exciting things in life...................

But Most of all SPENDING time with my love ones is the BEST........

We might spend too much but all we ever wanted is to SPEND Best Quality Time with each other................. and there would be more outings coming.........

And I thank my dear Husband Joe for making it all possible,, YOU are a Loving , family- oriented man and we Love you Dearly!!!!!!!!!!

December 2009 HK Disneyland

Just how the song goes.....
Love is all that matters
Faithful and forever
Keepin' us together
Love is all we need.
Prisoner of illusion
Sentence is suspended
Loneliness is ended
Love has set me free.

ENJOY your DAY and make everyday a Valentines Day.....................

Go and visit Mom Chris for more loving............


  1. Wow! What a mommy adventure you have! SO full of LOVE and blessing! Happy Valentines!

  2. hehehe, you got a lot of beautiful pictures, you are so blessed with ure kids happy valentines day

  3. The heart shaped food is the best! I'd sure be overwhelmed if I got some for valentines. great pictures you have there. Happy Valentines!

  4. I particularly love the heart-shaped foods.. and your holidays are so much fun! thanks for sharing, mommy!

  5. such a wonderful post mommy.. so filled with love! happy day of hearts to you and your family!

  6. Great pictures Joy!

    Happy hearts day!