Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I need some tips

I am trying my best to feed my kids with healthy foods and since they my youngest daughter just started Kindergarten ,, I am on a hunt for recipes and ideas on how to pack a good healthy lunch that will give her enough multivitamin and minerals to sustain her during the day...

I came across some pamphlets at Coles and I like some of the lunch box ideas there.. so I am checking Nutrition Australia for more ideas.....

Excerpt from Nutrition Australia
Healthy Eating

Nutrition Australia promotes a varied diet that consists largely of fresh fruits, vegetables and wholegrains. Variety is important and we are fortunate in Australia that our availability of foods is extensive, compared to world food prices food is relatively inexpensive in Australia and our food supply reflects our cultural diversity.

Some key tips to healthy eating are:

Try and eat 30 different foods a day
When choosing vegetables for a meal enjoy the different colored vegetables available as the colour of fruit and vegetables contain important antioxidants important for health and disease prevention.
Chose water as your first choice to drink.
Prepare food at home whenever possible.
Take time out to enjoy meals with family and friends when possible. Families that eat together befit form a range of health and social benefits.

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