Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How we spent our V Day

mommy moments

Ahhh,, Valentines day!!!!!! Well,, my loving hubby and I celebrated the said event early,, went out on a nice dinner on the 13th,,, It was a 5 meal course with live entertainment,, a singer singing all the soppy song all through the night....... the room was full of couples enjoying the night out without kids !!!!!

Yeah,,,,,, there was silence when we entered the room as we rock in there with 2 kids in tow!!!! yup,,, I could almost feel the look ,,, they must be thinking ,,, Oh what a brave couple to bring kids to a nice romantic dinner!!! yup..... that us!!!!!

First of all, we have no babysitter and we didn't plan the dinner ,, all we wanted was to eat at a family restaurant ,, when hubby ran up to book a table they said that it's a V day celebration dinner,, and its ok to bring the kids (just as long as they are not ferals... hahah),,,

2nd my kids are perfectly well behaved!!!! Thanks to the technology of Nintendo DS and Iphone games.... they sat there all night without making a fuss...... and so we had a beautiful night!!!

A good way to celebrate V day with hubby and kids....
and came home with a oil stain on my beautiful green dress ,,, love this dress,, bought this in the Philippines last December ,,

but poor dress.... hubby dropped a marinated eggplant on this cute lil dress!!!!!!!!

anyway,,, I look so plump here ,, I guess I need to find diets that work and I mean it!!!!!!

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My Lil Miss........ after dinner
My Fave boy!!!!!


  1. Wow! What a grand celebration. 5 course meal with your family = a very memorable V day. :)

  2. Wow double wow such a great celebration. You and your little girl are cute and your two boys hehehe. Happy mommy moments.

    Mine is up

  3. whats a truly memorable celebration :) your kids are so adorable sissy! and sis hahah we got the same background :)

    have a happy weekend!
    u may view mine here

  4. wow... i hope my kids will be as well behaved too... :) you all look so nice! happy mommy moments Ms Joy!