Thursday, February 4, 2010

Big Girl now

My Little Miss B2 started Kindergarten last Monday and she was so excited about it...
She woke up early and I helped her get ready , did her hair nice and she looks really cute wearing her school uniform...

Joe went to work late so he can see his daughter go to school for the 1st time,,,

So picture taking and all smiles for the camera!!!!!

When we arrived at school ,, Little Miss was beaming with smile ,, we even took her inside the classroom and after 10 minutes we went , she waved good bye and no tears at all!!!! that was a relieve for us ,an easy separation...

Now my friends are asking me, what am I gonna do now,,, I am child free from 9 am to 3 pm yipee... but I guess I cant just sit around e..... so I might study ,, since I graduated from Nursing I might as well do something ,, but I don't like to go and work as a nurse ,, I am looking at taking a medical  training courses
,, I think it wouldn't be too hectic or stressful so I might look into it..

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