Thursday, January 21, 2010


I just went out to the shops today ,, buying essential things for home and did grocery shopping, the shops is still full with parents with kids,, since it is still school holiday here,,some parents are still off from their jobs while looking after their kids,, unlike back in Pinas when there are people there o look after my kids,,, geezzz I miss being there,, I can leave the my children with my Mum or my sister,, they looked after them while my Hubby and I went on shopping,, and talking about shopping there,, my hubby is amazed with all the shop attendant there,, they are everywhere and are ready to assist, just when you enter a shop or mall,, they give you a wide smile and a greeting,, everywhere,, sometimes it is already too much,, we were greeted 10 times before we can even enter the shop!!!!!!!!

I am just wondring if I am just by myself will they do the same?????? Since my hubby is Caucasian they are very helpful ,,,always ready to assist always beaming a BIG SMILE!!!!!! Sometimes it feels like they are robots standing there greeting...... Hubby said there was even a person standing at the door ready to open the door and greet.....
Is it just a Pinoy hospitality ????
What do you think my kababayan.......????

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