Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just making sure

When we were at staying at my Mums place we were able to go online and check our mails since they have an internet cafe downstairs , while on holiday , our minds are focused on relaxing and having a good time leaving our troubles behind and since our business was closed during the entire holiday , my hubby , which; I noticed seemed to slipped away and once in a while talked about business,, we still have bills to be paid although I pre paid them before we left,, dont know what was happening during our holiday,, hubby switched his mobile off ,, and I was hesitant to check my online banking because I am not sure of how secured the computer and net services there in the Philippines ,, dont want to take the risk dont know if they have an identity theft protection ... So we just had a GOOD time and deal with the things when we come back.....

We are back in Oz and hubby is back to work,, Thank Goodness because everything is doing well,,, good thing I was able to organize things and it did came up real effective.... So a new year and we welcome it with a Positive note and hoping that business will be good all throughtout the year!!!!!! Cheers !!!!!

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