Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eat out

Well it will be a week after coming back from holiday ,, a week of eating junk and take away food for us,,,, Tonight we just had a pizza ans my hubby asked me when was the last time I cooked dinner for him....... ahhhhhhhhh,,, hmmmmmm... let me see,,, before we left on a holiday ,,, so around 5 weeks now!!!!!!!!!
Bad bad bad!!!!!!! Went out today at the shops,, watched a movie had MacDonalds for lunch ,, popcorn at the movies,, pizza for dinner!!!!! hey what did we eat yesterday hmmmmm,,, Lone star for lunch,, Chinese for dinner !!!!!!! What the!!!!!!! gezzz I have to get my act quickly or well end up FAT!!!!!! yup need to have foods that burn fat or else we will be unhealthy and unfit!!!!!

The problem is we are lacking an inspiration to loose weight , unlike before we went on a Holiday we were so determined to loose weight since we wanted to look good ,, but now,,, the urge is not there,,,, got to focus and start again,, because we need to have a discipline and needed an attainable goal to start burning those calories!!!!!!!! I must I must.....

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