Friday, January 22, 2010

Eat all u can

This photo was taken at Sofitel Philippine Plaza which have an amazing Dinner Buffet.. an arra of international food laid out for the people to salivate and pig out!!! Yeah eat all you can !!! Pig out and get your money's worth !!!!!
We had a dinner buffet for 2 nights,,, its not cheap but with the amount of food there ,, it would be worth it!!! Fill out your plate and enjoy and come back for more,, as long as you can hold it!!!!
Good thing kids under 6 are free,, so my kids who only enjoyed the sweets, Chocolate ice cream for B1 and lollies, donut for B2,, they are not interested with he rest of it,,, just the dessert ..

The trick was to get small amount of each meal ,, so you can taste everything ,, don't start with carbohydrate food like rice, bread or potatoes ... My hubby was having Asian dishes first,, Mediterranean next then Pinoy food then enormous array of dessert to choose from,,, gezzz we were stuffed ,, but we enjoyed it!!!!!!

Then early morning Breakfast Buffet which we indulged for 4 days!!!!!!!!! Imagine that!!!!!
No wonder I put on 4 kilos on 4 weeks,,, the weight I lost before I went on holiday ,, so here I am a chubby bum feeling frumpy and needed something ,,, maybe a natural weight loss pills ... I cant get my act yet to start my diet yet ,,, soon I'll get there!!!!!!

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