Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eat all u can

During our holiday we stayed on almost 4 hotels ,, 1 in Sydney before we left ,, 2 in Makati and 1 in Manila; It is nice to stay in a hotel ,, with a crisp white linen,, Fluffy bath towels that they change everyday, nice bathrooms, cable TV and above all BUFFET food!!!!!!!!
Yeah the Buffet which we always get including in the package deal....
What my hubby and I enjoyed was the BUFFET breakfast at SHangrila Makati ,, oh my never seen that much food in my life.... laid out there ,, all the international food!!!! It was to die for!!!!!!
But when we were fattening ourselves,, my hubby and I was feeling guilty with all the food!!! We were also thinking of how over the top it was,, how about the poor people outside who have nothing to eat???? where do they bring the leftovers??? or how can we burn the calories off after the holiday??? with herbal diet pills , or join a boot camp exercise,, or just keep it on ........!!!!

Anyway,, its not an everyday scenario to see such a feast,, so I ate things that I think I will miss when I go back home.... yeah Pinoy Breakfast!!!!!! I can have bacon and eggs anytime here but not the Tapa, salted eggs , tocino . longganisa and all the delicacies ......
It was really filling and appetizing... and I will forever remember that buffet and extra pounds that Ive gained....

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