Friday, January 22, 2010

Back home

Back in Australian summer heat,, too hot to do things,, BTW,, I am not yet finished putting our clothes back in the closet!!! Too lazy!!!! In a holiday mode still!!!!!!and what a good excuse.. blame it on my holiday.....

Tomorrow would be a predicted 43 C heat ,, shi vaz....... wont be happy with that ....First we cant take the kids outdoors , at the beach,, it would be too scorching we will just fry there,,, don't want to go in an indoor pool,, it would be too crowded.... we might just leave early and go to the shops ,, walk around or just watch a movie,, stay there till 5 pm... that will do,, don't really want to go shopping,, Ive done shopping at the Philippines to the MAXXXX ...

Hmmm.... still hot today and enjoying my fave drink Midori ,, while there are bills to be paid,, papers to be sorted ,, mails to be read, need to call for dentist appointment; finding a best diet or read about colon cleanser reviews ,, yeah,, I will still blame my holiday mode!!!!!!!!

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