Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back Home

Just got back home from our 1 month holiday ,, it was such a good holiday ,, after 9 years I was ableto go back to my homeland tagging my kids and hubby with me....
Its good to be back , back to the comforts of my home,,, missed the smell, the feel and everything,, went to check on my mails all piled up , bills, health insurance leads ,, school letters and junk mails,, all needed o be sorted out and acted upon ...
Need to upload a thousand photos and organize them!!!!!!!!

wheew.... thats the bad part,,, the feeling of being lazy,,, still on a holiday mode!!!!! LOW BAT!!!!
Dont want to move a muscle or tackle any household chores!!!!!!
Just laze around and click on my mouse!!!!! Night time here and will be off to be soon,, need to catch up on extra sleep........

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