Monday, January 18, 2010

Back Home and finding new things to do

Back in Oz and woke up really late this morning ,, our bodies are not yet adjusted,, ,, Joe woke up early dragging his tired body to work!!!! Poor hubby!!! but vacation time is over and he needs to go back to work so that we can afford another expensive trip!!!
Here I am ,, shaking my head ,, with all the things to tackle at home,, yesterday I was shocked to see rotten food in my fridge!!! yeah,, we left my brother in law to look after the house,, but he didn't toss out left over food,,, good thing Aunty Monique was here to lend me hand,, Than ks Monique!!! you're an Angel,, even brought me Milk, Bread, ham,, fruits!!!! very thoughtful!!!!

Now,, I need to unpack the luggage, wash our bed linen, dust the house and get things organized..
Next week a new school year will start lil Princess will start school soon so the house would be empty with kids in the morning ,, yeah!!!! more ME time?????

Pondering on what to do this year 2010, I am thinking of getting an online degree , I think that this would be a great way to learn for a mum like me ..
I looked at the site of Western Governors University

The tuition fee is affordable , since it is a non profit university and I wanted to have an educational goal and I reckon the University can help me attain it

Specifically Designed for Adult Learners
Western Governors University is specifically designed to help adult learners like you fit college into your already busy lives. Returning to college is a challenge. Yet, tens of thousands of working adults are doing it. There’s no reason you can’t be one of them.
As what is stated on their site
We believe in your ability to succeed, as well as our ability to help you succeed. We can make, with confidence, the following commitments to you:

Commitment 1: You’ll Learn What You Need to Succeed

Commitment 2: You’ll Enjoy Flexibility That Fits Your Busy Life
Commitment 3: You’ll be Given the Opportunity to Accelerate Your Program
Commitment 4: You’ll Receive Continuous Support
Commitment 5: Your Program Will be Affordable
Commitment 6: You’ll Benefit From Your Degree… and So Will Your Family
I think that these are great , giving me information and inspiration to pursue another phase in my life,, I have to research more and learn about online degree ,, but with what Western Governor University is offering it is so tempting so check it out if you are interested with the program....

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