Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ate too much

A month before we left for or holiday,, my hubby and I went into a diet,, eating healthy foods, no Soft drinks, no alcohol beverage!!!! I exercised regularly and was physically active,, sure enough after a month I lost 4 kilos!!! and my hubby who was looking trim and buffed ,, we have to do it knowing that we are going on a holiday and we anticipated that we will pig out on our holiday!!! Gezzz,, its a holiday and that is what it is all about... I've been away for a long time and seeing my family and friends was a Blast,,, of course its always nice to catch up with them while having something to eat...
We also stayed in hotels and most of them have BUFFET!!!!! OH my the amount of food that was laid out there for everyone was appetizing,, there is now way I can master self control ....!!!
Well,, had a GREAT time,, I ate most of the time and I was not surprised to see that I gained the 4 kilos back when I weighed myself before we left!!!! Hmmm, I m just thinking how many kms I have to run for it; treadmills and ab machines,,, here I come!!!!!!!!

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