Saturday, September 26, 2009

My chaotic life at the moment

I've got a chaotic life at the moment,, the house is messy full of packed boxes everywhere... I have no time to clean up,,, but they say that I don't need to clean up,, have a big clean up after moving all the stuff to the new place..

The hard part for me is sorting all our stuff,, I have to be ruthless and give away some of them ; I never realize that I have TONS of material things at home ,, that needed to be purged...
and that is what I did ,, most of them were packed in boxes to be sent to the Philippines.. 
I said to myself that I would rather give it to my family and those  kids who are in need , than selling it on Ebay or garage sale.
 I would rather spend money by sending it to my hometown , since Christmas is fast approaching and we are going there for Christmas anyway,, I would give them personally to all those who are in need....  

Anyway,, we just signed the papers for the rental house that we are moving into,,, we are renting a place ;while we are building our new house.
It had been a stressful month for us,, finding a place to move in... There are hardly enough rental houses around our area, and we  desperately in need of a place because our settlement is due within the 1st week of October... 
We searched high and low just to get this place,,   we even offered to pay 6 months in advance just to secure the place...  Luckily we were approved in no time... out tactic worked!!!!

Anyway, this morning we signed the papers and got the keys , we are all excited to check the house out,, its a Brand new house located in a quiet suburb overlooking the golf range,, its like living in a holiday place,, although the place is not as big as our house .
 I am not complaining at all ..   I just wanted to move,,,,, well ,, the good thing about it , is that everything is new and the fixtures are modern even with nice  glass tiles  in the toilet; a modern cooking range and dishwasher .
 The house is also near to B1's school,, very convenient for him....

Most of our stuff will be pack away in the garage ,,I will just open the boxes that I will need in the house most of them are safely packed away....

here is our new place

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've been very busy !!!! The house had been SOLD 1 month ago and I started packing up our stuff and boy oh boy ,, it is hard!!!! 
After 8 years of staying here in this house we accumulated heaps of stuff... The hardest part and the area that was giving me a head ache is my garage.... The Garage with piles of  stuff.........  a year ago I had a big garage clean up but when our house was on the market I de cluttered the house and toss them all in the garage ,,, 
I wont share a pic because its really embarrassing , anyway,,, I would clean up everyday,, but it is so overwhelming and its giving me a heavy heart... The best thing that I did is to call on for reinforcement !!! I called my friends to help me ,, it was very effective because I just need someone to tell me to let go.... It must have been the emotional attachment that's holding me back , so when friends are here we are quick and decision are made swiftly ,, The TOSS, Give AWAY, To Keep.... rules worked real well,, we worked hard real hard and we don't need any weight loss supplements  anymore after doing that chore...

But I'm glad Ive got friends to count on,, Tomorrow we are going to tackle my SHED and its jam packed too!!!!!

Like em

Braiden will love these !!!!
  Find these from WIRED  Its Thomas and friends engines as Transformers.. but  its not the real copyrighted item,, its being sold on Ebay at Singapore....  But it looks like a Fun Thomas...

See Braiden's Thomas collection here.... Collection of Toys

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mommy Moments (Treasured Pictures)

mommy moments

Mommy Moments for this week is Treasured Pictures...

I've got heaps of treasured pictures but I already packed them in the box ready for our move....  But I would love to share these treaseured photos of our family that I've found in my computer files ...

We love going away on holidays as a family ; visiting different places and just enjoying every bit of it.. This was taken at Port Maquarie and I just love the blue sky and warm weather...

And this one is our first visit to Hamilton Island  3 years ago,, we just love this place and we kept on going  back there ,, an ultimate Summer holiday for us.....

oh gosh,,,   I feel better with my pics there,,, because right now,, I gained a few pounds and I really needto go on a diet specially that Im am going on a holiday to the Philippines this coming december......  I have to find the best weight loss supplements  real FAST!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Exciting Weekend !!!

We had an AMAZING AMAZING day last Sunday!!!!! 
We went to Darling Harbour and went on a Whale Watching ship..
Braiden was telling us that he wanted to see whales when he saw the commercial on TV , so we decided to book the tickets,, we had never experience seeing whales and it would surely be a lifetime adventure...

It was a perfect weather to go on a cruise;   as we passed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house it was such a glorious day to be in Sydney..

let along to see beautiful creature.... The Humpback Whales!!!!!!!!  

As we navigate we saw 2 whales that was migrating to North as the guide said ...  I was so excited for Braiden,, and most of the people on board were expressing their excitement with Ahhh... OMG!!! and Wow!!!!!  

It was so surreal seeing the whales that close ,, 
we have seen 12 whales!!!!  and as they go and blow water they were was making a  loud whale noises!!!  and some of them went  under the boat!! what an exciting experience!!!

This is my fave shot!!!!!!  

FUN FUN FUN and we will surely visit again.... Check the website here to book... Whale watching 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Spring time for us

Li pumpkin

As the weather warms up here in Australia ,, its time to go out and play and ditch the big bulky clothes ,,, SPRING TIME,,, and I love this time of the year,, when the weather is perfect...

Yup.. perfect for a pictorial... My lil Miss Bianca is growing fast ,, soon she will be in Big school this coming January and she is so excited about it....

I love taking photos of her ,, capture her changes,, and loves dressing her up too... because when she turns into a teenager it would be a stressful year,,, with so much things to worry about like boys, friends, sleep over, sports, studies, finding  best acne treatment  , internet, facebook, and so much more.... yes,,, I know all about it,, Ive got a 15 year old girl and I  tell you its not easy to manage a teenager... 
So Im enjoying every bit of it......

Mommy Moments (Hat day)

mommy moments

Mommy Moments for this week is  HAT DAY,, almost everyday here in Oz is hat day especially for the kids,, It is a big campaign to wear a hat ,sunglasses and put sunscreen on .  The sun's ray is so intense and  we need to protect ourselves.. 
In fact ,,Ive got heaps of freckles / sun spots on my face !!!!!!! and I hate it!!!!!
Anyway in school there have a rule  "No Hat ,, No Play!!!" 
At home Ive got hundreds of hats lying around everywhere.....  and I love Cowboy hats ,, see my pics????  Even when kids go for a swim they have a special hat on to cover their faces and I always encourage the kids to wear a hat...

So when the theme came up about hats ,, I have no problems ,, in fact I ve got thousand of pics  wearing hat,, and that makes my computer jam packed with picture I guess I need to transfer some of it on my online storage  .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Packing up

Yup.. time is so fast and soon we are goimg to celebrate the Melbourne Cup 2009 this coming November

It’s the greatest day on the Australian sporting and social calendar – the one day when everyone, young and old, stops to partake in this unique cultural tradition.

But while Australians all over the continent take part in the celebrations, nothing compares with being there to witness another chapter in this enduring story.

The $5.65 million Emirates Melbourne Cup is the richest handicap race in the world and the centrepiece of the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Here in OZ it is well celebrated by dressing up and looking good for the races ,, Last year my hubby and I were invited to a Melbourne cup luncheon party at Sydney ,, it was the time of the year when people are dressed up nicely .. ladies with their hats or facinator  and gentelemen with their tuxedo .....  It was fun, with nice food and wine and just to be fancy for a day... 

But  I dont know if we are going out this year,,,  I am busy packing up and getting ready  to move house...
And look at those  daggy winter boots!!!!!!!!    Thats' quite FANCY for me!!!!
and tons of packing to do!!!!!  
HELP!!!!!!!! I need reinforcement!!!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Clean Up

I love Shannon Lush of Speed Cleaning  ...  I love to read her books Speed Cleaning  and How to be Comfy and Taped most of her show on Foxtel  Lush House .. She's got good tips and tricks for everything and I follow them and swear by it....

Found these at Ninemsn and I wanted to share it to all....

Enjoy and happy cleaning!!!!

The queen of clean, Shannon Lush, discusses how to get rid of pesky stains.

How can I remove baby formula from clothes?

Mix some nappy san plus with some water so it turns into a paste. It should be a similar consistency to peanut butter. Paste it on and wait about twenty minutes before washing out.

How do I remove flower pollen out of car upholstery?

Just smudge a bit of kerosene into the stain and that should lift it.

How can I remove streaks that have formed inside my stainless steel oven?

Sprinkle some bi-carbonated soda onto the greasy areas and then spray with vinegar. It’s much faster then any other oven cleaner on the market. It doesn’t smell and it’s easy to use.

How can I remove grease marks from my kitchen faucets ?

I have a great trick for you. Use an old pair of pantyhose and wrap it around the base of the tap. Twist and pull the stockings and the marks will come off. You don’t need to use any chemicals, just the pantyhose. They can also be used to get marks off any stainless steel appliances.

How do I remove superglue from carpet?

Often super glue remover, which can be purchased from a hardware store is the best way to remove any superglue stains.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mommy Moments (Dress Up day)

mommy moments

Mommy Moments for this week is   Dress up Day..

I posted Dress Up pics of B1 and B2  all the time , here School Fun and here Dress Up Time so I think it's Micah's turn 

How about dressed up as an old lady??????

Ahh so cute,, with a bra and hair rollers on...... those were the days, when I can dress her up 
  she just turned 15 .. and I cannot dress her anymore... 

I dont buy her clothes anymore,, she have her own taste now ..   

Ahhh  Teenagers!!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spring time for us

General Blinkies

Yeah I Love Spring Time...  Here in Southern Hemisphere we are celebrating SPRING!!!!!!!
and Im loving it...

We went to Floriade last year to see these beautiful coloured bloomers...  We might pay a visit again to enjoy them....

Have a lovely day everyone....

Need to upgrade

I went to hubby's work the other day, juts to help the secretary with some filing and tidying up , I also cleared up some stuff from my hubby's desk,, dusted and chuck out some unnecessary rubbish,, but I make sure I just do a little bit of re arranging because, he hates that when his system has been messed up and his system is having papers all spread out.... Taking up all the space , but he knows where the things are.... So I don't want him to get cranky looking for a thing...

Well.. while out there I went to use his old computer ,,, I mean slow...............
I told him he needs to upgrade to new and faster technology ,, he needs a bigger hard drive , with good anti virus software, with Symantec support  and an all rounder.. but he reckons that his OLD computer is fine.... yeah,, it takes,, forever to upload...
anyway I cant argue about that,,, I just used it to check on my blog,,,, he he he..
I'm back at home with the comfort of my beloved Macoy... (IMac)...