Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful Tasmania

In Two weeks time its going to be a school holiday here in Australia. We love going on a holiday and my hubby and I wants to explore Australia ,, there are plenty of places to go to and explore.. Australia is such a beautiful country and rich with nature and resources . We had been exploring Queensland more often,, and we are thinking of going to Tasmania... my husband had been there and loved it,,, so he wanted me to experience and explore the island..

The population of Tasmania is 494,520 (March 2008). Main centres are Hobart (the capital city with 203,600 people) Launceston (98,500) Burnie (18,000) and Devonport (25,000).

Tasmania is promoted as the Natural State and the "Island of Inspiration" owing to its large and relatively unspoiled natural environment. Formally, almost 37% of Tasmania is in reserves, National Parks and World Heritage Sites. So this would be interesting to see .. My hubby went there to go camping and he said it was really breath taking ... He showed me the site and looking at that spectacular views just make me feel excited to one day visit this beautiful Island
so we are checking on Hobart Accommodation

What’s special about Devonport?

‘The Bluff’ is a beautiful curving beach popular with locals and holidaying visitors.
Surrounded by rich, fertile soil producing over 40 per cent of Tasmania’s vegetable crops.
Excellent surf beaches with the Mersey River also ideal for rowing and sailing. Need to check out the Devonport accommodation

And I also check the Launceston accommodation ,, feeling inspired with this area..

Explore Launceston and feel its history on a guided sightseeing tour with Launceston Historic Walks.

Launceston is Australia's third oldest city. It is filled with character and charm, has retained many of its old buildings and has a rich and colourful past.

Walking tours of Cataract Gorge, old inns, old churches, and Invermay can be arranged, or your own tailored tour for groups and bus tours.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Toy Hunt (Toy/s with Wings)

G'Day Everyone!!!!
TOY HUNT again ,, this week's theme is Toy with Wings.... I was trying to find Toys with with in Braiden''s room , I had something on my mind ,, but when I looked at it this morning ,, I was disappointed that it doesn't have wings,,,
Hummm,, so I headed off to Bianca's room,, and there it was her room full of wings!!!!! because her bedroom is decorated with butterflies and even her bed cover and pillow cases!!!!!
So here they are....

Here are the themes for the month of APRIL

April 4 GREEN toy/s
April 11 SQUARE toy/s
April 18 RABBIT toy/s
April 25 Toy/s with SHOES

Happy TOY HUNTING everyone !!!! Visit the rules here ,,, TOY HUNT

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mommy Moments (Summer Holiday )

Here in Australia , we are blessed with a beautiful beaches and sceneries....

I love Australian Summer because our summer is on December  and during this time we would have a long holiday usually 3 weeks and our favourite destination is Hamilton Island .... 
This is the island that was feature about Best Job in the World...
We just fell in love with this place and we just kept going there, we love hiring a Sail Boat and just sail around the Whitsunday  and the best thing is Snorkeling at the GREAT BARRIER REEF.... helicopter ride to see the Heart Reef....
We are too spoiled ,, but my hubby deserve the best Holiday after working really hard!!!
December 2006
June 2007
December 2007    
March 2008  We took my sis JenL on this place

Thank YOU to MOM CHRIS of Mommy Moments and visit her site for more...


Monday, March 23, 2009

Jamberoo FUN

Hello everyone my Weekend Snapshot entry is here..

We went to Jamberoo Action Park last Saturday and it was such a perfect day to be out in the sun having FUN!!!!!  


It was situated on the mountain with such a beautiful view from above....
We took the kids on a chairlift high above,, I was a bit scary and I kept on telling Braiden to sit back and keep still,,, I took a snap of my Hubby and Bianca it was a looooong way up to the top!!!

After reaching the top we went on a Bobsled all he way down... It was FUN and the kids enjoyed it...

There are heaps of activities and rides there 
Racing cars
Chair Lift 
Surf Hill
Rapid River 
Splash Rides
Mini Golf 
Outback Bay
Mountain Toboggan
The Rock
Taipan Ride

Friday, March 20, 2009

Toy Hunt (Any Disney character toy)

Hello to everyone....
Just before I start my TOY HUNT I would like to greet my boy Braiden  A HAPPY 6th Birthday!!!! Time flies and this precious lil BOY is turning to be a Fine young fella....

And since it his birthday ,, my entry is his  Disney Pixar CARS featuring the Hotshot rookie race car Lightning McQueen and the story of his adventure in Radiator Springs the old town of Old Route 66..
Here are some of the characters ... 
Come and join us here in TOY HUNT and see the details here

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sibling Bonding

mommy moments
This week's theme is Sibling Bonding....  

How  I love these photos of B1 B2 and MJ having FUN!!!!!!
Whether they are playing together or just being plain silly,, They are sooo ADORABLE......
B1 and B2 who has a close age gap ,,  and they get along well... although there are times that they would have a petty sibling fight,,, they still get over it and play together ,, play computer side by side or play dress up  and just muck around....
One thing for sure they are precious to me!!!!!!!

So check out Mom Chris site for more bonding time....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Toy Hunt (Wild Animal Toy/s)

TOY HUNT time and this week's theme is Wild Animal...

I wanted to show a ferocious wild animal here ,, but I opted for a Cutie...
These are B2 (Bianca) Littlest pet shop collection.
The girl and boy monkeys are happily hanging around while the Panda is trying to be cute and trying to balance himself.....

I took the opportunity to take the photo when I saw B2 carrying her Pet shop house upstairs to her bedroom,, since her massive doll house is also upstairs ,, might as well bring her other toys together,, so that she can play in one spot.... but mind you , she is very good with her toys and she packs them away neatly.... 
Thank Goodness I've got a Neat Freak child!!!! unlike the big sis who is terrible and B1 the boss of the house.... 
I'm just elated to see that B2 is helping me with the chores without being asked and she'd quite good for a 4 year old lil missy.......

Come and join us here in TOY HUNT and see the details here...

Baby Oil danger

 I just want to share this to everyone,, I've seen and heard about the danger of the baby oil and just  a precaution...
Keep safe everyone and protect our kids...

It smells nice and it's soothing for baby. But who would think such an old-time product, a nursery staple, could injure and kill?

Baby oil, along with other common household oils for massage, hair, and bath, essential oils, eucalyptus and camphor oils, are responsible for at least 3000 reported ingestion accidents to young children every year in Australia.

Toxicologist Dr Naren Gunja from NSW Poisons Information Centre at Westmead Hospital says most parents don't realise the danger.

"Once the child has ingested it depending on how much they ingest then it could be too late. Over a period of time, the child can die," says Dr Gunja.

"It is a gradual process that can take several days, two weeks to die."

Mums Gabby and Soraya say the drama started when their kids, Natalia, 4, and Gabriel, 3, were playing together. They discovered the two splashing baby oil over them and they'd drunk some.

Soon, both kids were having difficulty breathing. Natalia was also vomiting, Daniel had a rash. An ambulance rushed them to hospital - the doctors' warnings were grim.

"He listened to his lungs for quite a while and he said 'he looks ok' and - this was just horrible - he said 'look, there's nothing we can do, this is something that if your child has done this, and it's in his lungs there is nothing that we can do'," says Soraya.

When Gabby and Soraya checked the internet for accidents and side-effects they discovered the horrors - in the US, 20 kids a year die from breathing in household oils, 5 deaths are from baby oil. In total, around 80,000 household oil ingestion accidents are reported to the US Poisons Centre yearly.

"The death the child goes through is absolutely horrific, the latest boy to die in America was Jayden Bryson, 18 months old, it took him 28 days to die, he suffocated to death," explains Soraya.

Why so toxic? Look at the ingredients and you see baby oil, sunscreen oil, bath, body and massage oils, make-up removers, nail enamel dryers, eucalyptus, camphor and clove oils - are all made from mineral oil, a petroleum ingredient from crude oil.

Mineral oils contain hydrocarbons, a real danger to the stomach and especially the lungs - which can stop working.

"A mouthful of baby oil ingested by a child is enough to cause it to vomit and if they breathe that into their lungs that is enough to cause lung inflammation ... if enough of that happens it could lead to death," says Dr Gunja.

Mineral oils are also used for cleaning, as industrial and mechanical lubricants, in cosmetics and even pesticides. And, apart from they've been blamed for a range of health problems - allegedly acne, premature ageing of skin, and other skin disorders, impeding normal cell development and possibly causing vitamin deficiency.

Luckily, Gabriel and Natalia survived their ordeal. Seven years ago the US Consumer Product Safety Commission made child-resistant packaging mandatory for oily liquids containing hydrocarbons - like baby oils, bath, body, hair and massage oils, and sunscreens. So, Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil sold in America has the compulsory child-proof lid. Why not in Australia?

Johnson and Johnson wouldn't appear on camera. The company's email to Today Tonight says Johnson's Baby Oil has been sold in Australia for 48 years and that our reports of accidents are the first they've received of a potentially serious health issue. Yet, they must be aware it was the accidents and deaths in America that forced them to put child-resistant caps on there.

Further information

As a result of Today Tonight's investigation Johnson & Johnson has informed us that they will after 48 years change to child resistant caps on all its baby oil products in Australia and worldwide.

The dangers of baby oil
Reporter: Helen Wellings

Sleeping Time

mommy moments
Sleeping Time is the theme for this week's Mommy Moments by Mom Chris..

Oh How I love this pic of B1 and B2 ...

This was taken last january when we were on holiday in Qld.. We were on our way back to the Hotel after a long day of sight seeing... my hubby told me to take a pic of the kids . these two are good pals and they love to hang around with each other and seeing them grow together in harmony makes us happy.....

Sleep my darlings................. kisses.........
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Apple Girl

Yup... Ive been busy doing some layouts for Digi Scrap... I know once you started it,, you cant stop it....
I've done Paper Scrap Booking ages ago,, but I stopped doing it , but here I am again doing crafts ,, I've been seeing my Sis JenL do her digi scrap and she encouraged me to try it... Since I've got tons of photos filed in my Computer , I thought I'll give it a try ..

I Love these paper and embelishment from Mel of Mel's Light Bulb Moments... and there's more beautiful stuff from Charli of Charlie's Digi Scrap ... Check them out,,, 
Thank you ladies....

Apple Of our Eyes

Friday, March 6, 2009

Toy Hunt (Yellow Toy/s)

This week's Toy Hunt is Yellow...... and I love these TOYS,, they are vibrant and Fun.......

Do you remember playing this Barrel of Monkeys... I used to play this when I was young,, that is why I want my kids to enjoy this too....

and these are the Peek a Blocks.. we 've got heaps of them, but I only chose the ones that are yellow.....
So come and join us in TOY HUNT and see the details....

Have a Good Weekend everyone... Keep on Hunting!!!!!

Bath time .....

mommy moments

Braiden enjoys his Bath time...

He loves to go in a full bath tub with lots and lots of Bubbles!!!!!!! He likes it there,playing with his bath toys or just making a Santa face!!!!!!

Although I stop giving them a bath at home... instead I give them a warm shower every night .... I stopped it last winter (June here in Oz),, because its cold.... yeah,,, I took their bath time away.... naughty Mom ha ha ha...... I find it too time consuming in the tub.. I really have to stay with them in the bathroom and watch after them ... then it takes me ages to get them out of the tub..... So now instead of bathtime,,its Shower time,,, quick and easy for me and Braiden is sensitive to Bath soap ,, he used to have eczema but now he outgrown it...... and we have plenty of time to read books,, play together in Braiden's room before the kids go to bed..... Easy peasy.....
but everytime we are out on a holidays , I let the children have a bath in the hotel's bath tub.. and holiday time,, we are not rushing and just relaxing and we're on a holiday mode....
This picture was taken 2 years ago when we went on a holiday at Hamilton Island
and this was taken a month ago on a weekend at Novotel Brighton Le sands

Check out Mom Chris Mommy Moments for Bath Time!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun Time

My 2nd DigiScrapbook... whewww,,, took me awhile to do it.... but loving it....


Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie

Yup.. My lil girl had her first Barbie last week for her Birthday,,,, she's into Barbie now and that Barbie juts turned 50 and still looking Fabulous!!!!
This is her 1st Barbie Dream Kitchen...

Last Wedenesday I took her out shopping because she received money from her Grandparents for her birthday and these are the Barbie that she bought..... Good thing is its Barbie's birthday celebration , that is why the dolls are 50% off...

Barbie with Tanner the dog, she likes this one because Barbie feeds the dog and the dog does a  poop....  this is a funny ,, and today as she was playing with the doll house,, she asked me to get her a KEN..... hummm,,  for sure it wont end here,,,,,

Barbie's 50th Anniversary Runway Show
The iconic doll celebrated 50 years with a runway show featuring looks created by 50 American designers, including Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Anna Sui and Diane von Furstenberg. The world’s top models brought the doll to life in three themed wardrobe sets. The first looks were a tribute to the retro dolls of the '50s and '60s, followed by a Malibu Barbie-inspired crop with big hair and tanned skin, and the finale featured edgier looks with clear plastic toppers that gave the audience a peek into Barbie's bright future. See the looks from the show and hear what the designers had to say about Barbie.