Saturday, January 31, 2009

TOY HUNT ( Farm Animal/s Toy)

Hi everyone,,, This week's theme for TOY HUNT is Farm Animal/s .
here is my entry  Litlle People Farm Animals..

The kids  like playing with Little People ..  I was hunting for other farm animals like the cow but the kids must have misplaced it,, anyway I just took a snap of the horses and a chicken.

Little People are good toys because they have different theme, like Circus, Playschool, Park and much more..
Enjoy your weekend everyone... See details for TOY HUNT for those who are interested in joing..

Friday, January 30, 2009

Smiling Kids

mommy moments>
Mommy Moments hosted by Mommy Chris with the theme First smile of your kids.....

Thanks Mom Chris I enjoyed this!!!!

Photobucket  This is Micah's 1st smile... Actually as I was looking at her baby album,,, when she was around 2-3 weeks she's got pics that are yawning or just having a little smirk.. When I saw her 1 month pic ,, this is definitely a Social Smile!!!   
I have to take a picture because my scanner is not working at the moment ..
Micah was a Happy Baby,, smart as a I say ,, she did everything early, early talking, walking  and socializing,,, that is why she never stop until now.. 14 years on and she still the same... Talks a lot and socialize a lot!!!!!

This is Braiden when he was 1 month old... He's got a shy smile here...  He was a happy baby and the way I look at this picture is I see him now.. he is still  a bit shy  and save a big smile to those who are close to him...
This is Bianca  1st month .. She was such a fragile little baby, so tiny and such a good baby,, who SLEEPS alot!!!!!!!  she was never a hassle as a baby...

My girls now... These two girls are quite close to each other,, but most often fight, because the big sister would annoy the small one and of course Bianca will defend herself..So i think they will end up good buddies when they grow older...

This is the Mommy's Boy,, he loves hanging around with me and turned out to be a gentle fine boy...  I love his smile because whenever he smiles ,, his eyes smile too....!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting ready to school

Holiday is over and some kids are back to school ,, New School year starts this week for us in Australia. 
Our boy Braiden is starting Kindergarten tomorrow!!!  For Joe and I it is a very exciting and at the same time nerve wrecking experience ... Our precious little Boy is starting school!!!! 
Yesterday we went to the school to buy a school uniform for him ,, and he had a little meltdown , because he didnt like the hat that we bought for him,, (The one that dad is wearing on he pic!!!) or we are thinking that it is overwhelming for him.
For those who are wondrin what am I talking about and  wants to know more about Braiden read HIS STORY here.. 
or read what Joe wrote about him Beautiful, beautiful Boy
His routine has changed ,, he stopped going to pres chool and Mum and Dad are talking about BIG SCHOOL,, but he have a little understanding of Big school.. Slowly we are telling him about big school , getting him ready and we would drive to show him the school,, we also took him to meet the principal and tour the school...

Buying him new school shoes is not fun for him... he just wants his old shoes the one that he wears all the time....we did not even buy him a new school bag,, he will just use his Spider man bag,, well ,,, that would be his "security blanket" ..

About the school ,, it was a long process for us to find a good school for him,,, we even enrolled him to 2 other schools , 1st was the school where Micah goes to , a private school,,, then a Special school  where he attended 2 orientation already... 

But.. good news came right before the end of the year ,, when the Dept of Education , gave him a spot into a new school ,, a school with a Special Class that caters to his needs , we decided that this is the best for him...  only 6 kids and 2 teachers ... what more can we ask??  

We always say we want the BEST for him ... !!! an environment that will cater for him and to grow and learn... 

He had come so FAR!!!! The words are coming out and sometimes he wont stop talking... he is very affectionate and he loves being with people who care for him...

I once met a lady who told me that life experience and exposing him to all the things that interest him will be beneficial... That is why we travel all the time,,going on holidays,, visiting museums, parks, aquariums, playing golf, bowling, swimming , eating out,, everywhere and the more he is expose to it the more he turns out to be good!!!  
It was a 360 degree turn,, and for me the changes are inevitable.. It s good to see him learn  and doing  things that amazes us,, sometimes we are thinking if his diagnosis is right... or he is one of those statistic that was "cured"..  He is not an angel.. he would have little bit of tantrums  , but only  minimal ,, just any ordinary kid.... 

But..We dont want the label !!! because we know in our hearts that he doesnt fit in that label .. He is just BRAIDEN, the boy with a beautiful smile and a loving heart....

No matter what it is,, I know the LOVE that we have for him is overflowing and sufficient enough for him to blossom ...

Life is good !!! and having a husband like Joe who really adores , understanding and patient with Braiden is Amazing...
This is my  man and my li'l man... The Love of my LIFE!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Australia Day 2009

We went to the City to celebrate Australia Day yesterday January 26, 2009...
here are my little Aussie kids!!!

To see more pics visit my other site The Way of Life in OZ.....  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mommy Moments (My Children's Birthday )

mommy moments>

Mommy Moments by Chris
showing the latest birthday Pictures of my children
This was last year Braiden's 5th birthday last  March 19, 2008
I like this picture he was quite happy and shy at the same time while blowing his candles...

This was Bianca's 3rd birthday celebration at home last February 21 , 2008
My children's birthday will be soon ,, We might have just a simple celebration at home with family and friends...

Friday, January 23, 2009

TOY HUNT ( Round Toy/s)

Welcome to TOY HUNT . This weeks theme is Round Toy/s .

This is one of Braidens fave toy ( well,,he's got heaps of favourite by the way....),, 
The VIEWMASTER  .....when I saw the Viewmaster reel which are round I know that this would fit into the category ... 

I also like this toy , I remember when I was still young and my neighbour which is also my friend has a Viewmaster,, I would just borrow it and enjoy .. That is why when I saw this toy I have to buy it for my kids , 1st it brings back childhood memories for me ( its all about ME!!!! ha ha ha)  ,  2nd I want them to enjoy this cool toy...

So come and join us in TOY HUNT and see how to join here ...

My Pink Princess

My Pink Friday for this week is this precious Photo of my little Princess Bianca wearing her new Pink dress while playing with her Pink Nintendo DS. She is very occupied with the game that is why she did not have a time to pose for me,,usually when she see me holding a camera she would always say take a picture of me mom!!! then she will have a cheeky smile!!!

Quiet at Home

It's been unusually quiet at home...  Why???  my eldest daughter is at camp at Teen Ranch.. 
Teen Ranch exists to introduce young people to Jesus Christ through an affordable, enjoyable, educational, and safe camp experience provided by a community of caring, growing Christians... 
What a best place for teens to spend their holiday and be with their friends , she attended the camp 3 times now... that is why it is not new to her ,,, my hubby and I thought it will be good for her because the last time she came back home she was a totally different girl!!!
 A good girl for 1 week,, ha ha ha....  She is not worse,, but you know how teenagers are.. 
I dropped her to camp last Sunday and she will be back home tomorrow. 

 I was saying it is quiet at home because no one is bugging me about phone calls, mobile, internet, My Space, bebo, ipod, friends, buy me this , buy me that!!! and so on and so on... 
It was just a a Good break for me!!!! keep me sane for a while !!!
 But once she's back ,, she will be on another camp at school for 4 days then back to school again....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Start a Good year.

New Year and starts when you are over the Christmas hype and excitement , then reality strikes back in....
 Christmas is over, and as some of us are looking at the new bills and credit card statements, that makes your head dizzy!!!! The warm fuzzy feeling you got from giving the gifts is over!!!!

But don't let this situation spoil the start of your year. Instead, take charge of your finances, get your credit card bill down and make sure you're not in the same sad situation at this time next year. 
Juts like us ,, my hubby and I have one credit card and he carry it, I don't have a card and I don't need it... We just want to mange our bills and not to overspend by using the credit card.
Find more ways of saving ,, one way is to find a cheap car insurance,  find a good deal on other insurance that you need to pay..

Although, it is a big relief that he petrol prices had gone down , we still need to be more vigilant with our expenses,   start at home and find ways to save your electric, water bills,, there are heaps of information and tips to find and research ,, just take control of your life by Taking control of your expenses...  Have a goo 2009 everyone...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Bags

As my kids are growing up and they are up and about, whenever we go out I would  only bring a small bag for them just to put teir drink bottles,  their DS games, colouring books and handwipes, No more bulky stuff to bring and no more diapers to bring, not like when they were durig their infant and toddler years that I have to bring a Diaper Bag. Nowadays, there are Messenger bags that are so trendy, that I sometimes cant resist to look at .... 
Rememer that I just bought a Tracy Joy messenger bag which I used for my camera which is also a baby bag ...I found a bag that looks the same as my bag  .

This is such an eye catching messenger diaper bag design by Oi Oi, the Australian makers of one of the most popular diaper bag lines on the market. Very Chic!
Oi Oi bag is popular here in Oz  and I've noticed that most of the moms are carrying Oi Oi,not during my  time when I was just carrying a black boring baby bag.. !!!

I also looked at the Hoohobbers - Personalized Messenger Diaper Bag in Paisley. This one is so cute because you can personalize it and have an embroidered. Very chic and I just love the style of it.

Another Hoohobbers Diaper Bag - Messenger (Cocoa Orange) -This one looks durable  and have tons of storage . Fabulous as I look at it...

You can find more styles and design on Shop Wiki for babies and Toddlers For sure you will also love browsing through all the beautiful messenger bags....

Flowers during holiday

My First time to join the TODAY"S FLOWERS and I want to share to all of you my photo,,

These are the beautiful HIBISCUS which I took a picture of , when we went on our Holiday last week at Maroochydore Queensland Australia....

Since I just got my new Macro lens I was trying it out and practicing with it....

Friday, January 16, 2009

TOY HUNT ( Interactive Toy/s)

Hello everyone!!!
Welcome to TOY HUNT this week's theme is Interactive Toy/s

Well this is my kids favourite TOY at the moment and it is my fave too.. Why? because it keeps the kids occupied , the games, graphics  are good, convenient  to carry around and adults can play too....  
During the holidays when the kids are already sleeping Joe and I play in bed with the DS!!! there goes our playtime !!!!!! With the DS!!!!!!!! ha ha ha
anyway, we play games separately and sometime we play against each other because the DS is  wireless and interact with each other...
It is a good buy,,,!!! although some games are a bit pricey but we bought a  card from our friend that can hold up to 40 games.. That's a whole day of entertainment...
The only downside to it is that they are stuck sitting and playing,,, I often take it away from them and play with them at the back , ride a bike or jump on the trampoline....

To those who want to join the TOY HUNT just check this site....


My Boy's very 1st Pic ( Mommy Moments)

mommy moments

This is  Mommy Moments by Mom Chris every Friday,,check here site and get the themes .

This week's theme is First Picture of your Kid/s

This is Braiden who was born on March 19, 2003 by Ceasarean section this was taken right after I delivered him .. I was so happy to see him... and he looks like his Dad....

Pink Smell

My PINK Friday for this week is Bianca's Pink Princess cologne.. Bianca loves this one and often after taking a shower she would spray  a little bit on her... Huuuummmm smell nice Bianca!!!!
If you want to see more Pink stuff click here Pink Fridays

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hello everyone..... Its good to be back and I'm busy catching up and checking previous TOY HUNT entries... Thank you to all TOY HUNTERS...

I enjoyed my holiday spending with my loving husband and beautiful kids.. 12 days of bliss and I  snapped 600 photos... and I am excited to share some of them with you ...

Before anything else I would like to greet you all a HAPPY 2009 may this year be filled with good things for all of us....

Theme for TOY HUNT

January 17           Interactive Toy/s
January 24 Round Toy/s
January 31 Farm Animal Toy/s
February 7 Teddy Bear/s
February 14 Toy/s that depicts Love(with hearts or with words Love )
February 21 Toy/s with Numbers
February 28 Toy/s with letters

Thank you and start hunting....... ENJOY.... For those who have not join yet what are you waiting for??? check the details here ,, we would love to see your entry..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Toy Hunt (Small Toy/s)

Hello everyone.. Its good to be back!!!!  Happy New Year to all!!!!

Now let us start the TOY HUNT which has a theme of Small Toy/s

This is Bianca's Small Dora and boots riding the car....

This is how small the Dora in the car is in compare to the huge Dora ....

So its your turn ,,,,

Friday, January 9, 2009


This is my 1st entry to Pink Fridays..

This picture was taken at Sea World where they have a  Sesame Street show..
My daughter Bianca loved the show and she was delighted to see Zoe who was wearing a PINK tutu...

My Mommy Moments.......

mommy moments
This is a new meme of Mommy Chris. This week's theme for Mommy Moments is Family Picture taken during the last Holiday season.

We just came back from a 2 week holiday and as I was searching through the pictures I was surprise that we dont have a family picture taken.... Actually, I was the only one holding my camera (an official photographer) that is why I have heaps of my kids photo and the nature , anyway I was able to find few pics...

It was such a lovely break for our family and we do this every year...

This was taken at Fraser Island when we went for a walk at the rainforest..
This is the special 4 wheel drive bus tour. It was a very interesting place to visit.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Im back

Hey Guys,, Im back!!!!!!!!!!! and I still have to unpack my bags  but here I am blogging!!!! yeah  I missed blogging, but I decided not to bring my laptop with me so I can have a real holiday ... The hotel have a public computer for use but most of the sites are blocked off ,,, I just used my Iphone to have a quick updates .. anyway I would like to announce the TOY HUNT's theme for Saturday January 10 is   SMALL TOY/S .. so start hunting guys.... I'll visit your sites starting tomorrow.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hey guys Im just quickly updating you. We are still on holidays. Ill be back on the 8th .thank you to all Toy Hunters Ill visit your site soon

Toy HUNT (Toy/s with Wheels)

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!!!
I am wishing you all the BEST ...

 Let as start this 2009 with a Toy /s with wheels for TOY HUNT...

These are my children's New Bicycle that SANTA Claus gave them!!!!!
They were excited to ride on it ,, especially Bianca who put down on her list that she wanted a PINK BIKE and sure is.... A beautiful Pink bike for her. I also like Braidens bike with a eye catching orange and yellow colored bike it is a Bambino bike...

Come and join the TOY HUNT and check the details here...