Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am so relived to know that my 15 year old daughter arrived to the Philippines safe and well,, she traveled all by herself ,, it is such an accomplishment for her to do it knowing that she can travel by herself now... I was a bit worried but I knew she would be fine,,, its time for her to slowly feel her independence. I called my sister's mobile straight away to check on how Mic was doing but I cant get in touch with her,, then a call from her saying that Mic is safe and things ran smoothly.

Mic was proud of herself and told me that she was very cautious during her travel ,, ah for sure once she comes back home,, she would ask for more lenient rules at home knowing that she can prove herself to be responsible.... well I hope that she will not ask for another overseas travel ,, like going to Europe , when she turns 21 she can travel far and she can pay for it he he he...

My 15 year daughter Mic

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