Sunday, December 13, 2009

Planning our Trip

Its been 2 months since we sold our house and moved in to a rental house and we are already settled in .. after all the tedious unpacking,, now I needed to pack my bags again..... but this time its a good time packing because we are going on holiday this coming December 20th,,my brother in law and nephews are here to look after the house , so hopefully everything will be in good order.
Before I leave ,, I look around the house and made a mental note on things that I needed to do after I come back from holiday,, gezz,,, haven't been on holiday yet and all I'm thinking is cleaning up ,,,I'm a bit paranoid knowing that this is not my house and I have to look after it and make it tidy ,, the house is nice and I don't want to ruin it,, it took us forever to find a rental place because the rental property is scarce around this area,, we could have ended up living in some of those houses for hire!!!!! but anyway,, I have to do what I need to do..... so,,, need a holiday then back to housework!!!!

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