Sunday, November 1, 2009

Travel by caravan

Its the time of the year again when ads about travel and summer holidays are being shown on TV and ads .. as the weather warms up here in OZ and the shops are filled with Summer gears ,, travel show are showing special package for trips .. My hubby and I always talk about going on a tour around Tasmania on a caravan or RV ,, my hubby had been there and he fell in love with the place that he wanted to take us with him to show how beautiful the place is...

We've been looking at some of the caravan that would be ideal for our family,,, we have to plan it,, aside from getting the right RV,, we also need an rv insurance  ,, list of all the equipments we need and thing to bring... It would be great to fulfill that wish to travel on a caravan,, but it might not be this year but we will definitely going to do it ,, just need to prioritize our some other stuff,,, especially that we are going to build a house mm its going to consume a lot of our time and fund.. 
But traveling on a caravan  would on our list of things to try out..... 

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  1. sounds like a fantastic idea and I hope your dream comes true. Look at our website for ideas