Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Playing with food

Tomorrow is Bianca's orientation for Kindergarten.  I am excited for her  but anxious at the same time... Time is quick  and my little Possum will start Kindergarten on January 2010... Waaaa!!!!! she is no longer my little one,,,,  its evident because she talks a lot ,, I can have a decent conversation with her,, she is so witty and cheeky and she likes to socialize with others, she can write her name and can count up to 50 and can recognize numbers.. Meaning she is READY for school...

She is enrolled in Braiden's school and it would be good because they are both close to each other ,,, it would be beneficial for Braiden to have his lil sis with him in school... We always say that Bianca will look after him and for sure she will,, after all,, she is more matured than Braiden....

Every School Day is a struggle for me,, packing Braiden's lunch is also a challenge ,, since the school sent a note to parents to give kids "nude lunch"  meaning to avoid plastic wrapper and encouraged to use boxes with compartment ,, Me as a good mum ,, searched for a best alternative and do as I told ...   I found the world of BENTO Making ,, I was amazed to see beautiful creations and drooled at some of the presentation.

 I thought I would give it a go and do the same,,, but the challenge is --  Braiden is a fussy eater,,, 
what can you create with limited diet ??
He only loves Pizza, chicken nuggets , but hey he loves rice chicken and he eats lettuce and green beans ,,,  I try my best to make them look nice ... here are some of my effort :::

I created a Rabbit using an apple and I was proud to see how it looked like ,,, 

STAR RICE instead of just scooping the rice I think this one is most appealing ....

I am excited to make Bento for Bianca because this girl can eat anything and we try to encourage her to try different food , we failed with Braiden that's why we are making up with Bianca and she is really a good eater.

I would love to learn more styles and make it FUN for her , so I was looking at this book from Amazon books    about bento making and I will surely order it and get creative with her food....

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  1. wow Braiden will be more excited to eat his lunch pag ganyang ang presentation.. ganda

    Ate Jen