Monday, November 9, 2009


Its been a month now when we moved in to this rental place  and we are setting really well,, the kids are good and they love the place .. It so relaxing here , I am finished putting thing away and no more boxes scattered around ,, on Thursday is when the real estate agent will inspect the place so I need to tidy up,, one thing I like about this house is easy to maintain and clean since it is brand new and  not as big as my old house so it is manageable...

I wanted to show you what I bought from Made it its an Australian site where you can buy handmade products just like Etsy..
I  love decorating Bianca's room and owls are definately "in"   I found this Owl named Lily  Chicken INc store and I love it soo... 
 Check the store here Chicken Inc


  1. wow ganda ng bed ni Bianca.. soooo cute

    ate Jen

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