Friday, November 27, 2009

Mommy Moments (Chore Time )

mommy moments
Im Back !!! Im back after a long absence from Mommy Moments now I present you my Lil Cleaners!!!!

Hey paging Dept of Childrens and Services ,, is this CHILD LABOUR??????  he he he...

Chore Time is the theme for this week and the Pictures say it all...  

My girls who were scrubbing the floor, they felt like they are Cinderella and my Lil Mutant Turtle mopping the floor!!!!  Gezzz,, I never knew I've got a special specie cleaning my floor!!!! Thats why it was spotless!!!!!!

These were taken when we were trying to sell the house ,,, we cleaned every nook and corner of our house and we did such a good job!!!!!! 

And you wndrin if they finished cleaning up ???  NOPE!!!!!!!! The big sis left after 10 minutes ,, then my Mutant Turtle left to go and play but my sweet pea Bianca stayed with me to finish the floor!!!!!! Bianca is the most sensible among them,,, she is always there asking me if I need a hand and she loves to hang around when I cook and clean... and I am training her with the household chores,,, the other 2 ,,, forget about it !!!! They are hopeless....   Good thing I  have one girl who knows how to clean!!!!!!


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere!!!
    ang sweet naman ni Bianca that she is always willing to lend a helping hand. (^_^)
    Mommy Moments

  2. your kids are cute, they really had helping hands...

  3. Welcome back.. And you're kids are really adorable.

    My entry is here

    Also, I'd like to invite you to join my weekly meme called Pixelbug Weekend. It's a meme showing the highlight of your weekend through photos. Hope to see you this Monday

  4. Kids' attention are like sales. Offer is good while supply lasts. Cute TMNT costume too :P Happy MM!

  5. hehehe kakatuwa naman tong B1 mo nakapang superhero na custome magwalis... kakasali ko lang din dito sa mommy moments eh

  6. Wow you have a great kids. Happy MM! Am playing too.

    Mine is here

  7. welcome back mommy! so glad you can join us this week! and great pictures for our theme too!

    so sweet of your lil' Bianca! :D