Monday, November 23, 2009

Have to contain it

Well.. my boy who loves to play Playstation is always making a mess,, with he just take the games out but leave the case lying around the floor most of the time,, no matter how many I tell him to keep it away,, but no,, he wants to do it his way,,, I was sick and tired of stacking them horizontally ,, so I used a container to contain them,,, but this is not a good idea,,, so I bought a DVD/ PS games organizer,, where I can stack them vertically ,,,  It works .. although there are still cases around the floor ,, but kept in a minimun , easy to stack and pull out without pulling everything out ,, so hopefully it will stay neat....  the only thing that is missing is my low lying cabinet for my TV,, hubby said he will make the cabinet ,, but I guess I have to wait a lot longer !!!  and I know I cannot look around for home theater systems  yet ,,,,  have to get the cabinet first before seeting up a system.. anyway,, not in a rush for this ,, since we are in a temporary settling in here in our new place.....

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