Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gone out

  I took my kids out for Trick or Treat around our area.. It wasn't planned but my friend rung up  to invite us to tag along with them.. My kids never done it before , so I asked them if they wanted to do it and they were excitedly said YES... so we hurried up and grabbed whatever costume they've got,, B1 dressed up as Batman and B2 as Princess...
Halloween is not big here in Oz not like in the USA where some people have to plan the whole thing for months..., some kids would do trick or treating just for fun and some residents are willing to give away some treats and some decorate their lawn for the said occasion.

We walked around the area where we used to love before and when my kids knocked on the door where we used to live ,, my boy was telling me that there was a man in that house now...  I am so curious to see what it looks like inside , but I have no guts to go with the kids on the door,, I just waited in  the front lawn...  anyway,, it was a bitter sweet feeling seeing the house..  I wont be sentimental this time,, I know that we have to move on and new people are now occupying the space that we once had.... and I wish them all the BEST!!!!!!

Back to the trick or treat,, the kids loved it and although B was so exhausted and with an aching leg he still managed to walk a bit more ... 
They've got heaps of lollies and when they went o bed I took some of it and placed them away , too much for them .. while the kids tucked in bed,, quickly checked my face book and mails waiting for a quote on term insurance and play games till late...
Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

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