Monday, November 9, 2009

Business alarm

As we get ourselves organize during the holiday season,,, my hubby is also getting the factory ready for the holiday rush ,, he already allocated the work that's need to be done on December , we have a benchtop business and during December that is when the business is booming... That's good and we are eager to go on our much anticipated holiday.... So the factory will be closed for 4 weeks and we are relying on our Security Alarm System monitoring to make sure that the business is properly monitored.. We have no problems with our business alarms and they are doing a good job... What we like about having a security alarm is that whenever there is a problem they are quick to respond and they always get in touch with my hubby to confirm , one time the alarm went off and it was already midnight ,, they called us and informed us about it,, security people were dispatched and good thing it was a false alarm.... they have a 24 hour service by trained professionals..
It is such a relief to know that there is someone who can rely on to, especially when you have a business ,, it is a MUST to have business alarms
Through these monitoring centers, my business can access a full range of advanced security solutions, including electronic access control, fire and life safety, intrusion detection, critical conditions (flood, temperature) and security management (guard tours, remote video management, video/alarm verification).
So we are have no complaints at all and we have a peace of mind knowing our business is being monitored ..... Day and night......

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