Thursday, October 29, 2009

Were getting there

I had unpacked the last box today,, so most of our things are packed away on its proper places and most of our stuff are packed and kept in the garage, since we are renting the place , we dont need to unpack everything , only the things that we needed...

The house is a miniature size of our old house ,, so imagine how cramped we are here,, I already purged heaps of stuff,,, I even gave away my 8  feet Christmas tree, a portable heater, electric blanket
 , gym equipments, garden bench ,toys toys and lots of toys!!!!!

It was a stressful time of my life,,, mentally exhasuating,, and guess what we will do it again once or house is finished,, but I must admit that I learned a big lesson,, not to hoard and not to buy too much stuff.....
Now that we are slowly settling in , I can slow down a bit and do things for myself,, pamper.. I needed a good body massage , a haircut and a manicure..... Yeah!!!

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