Saturday, October 24, 2009


Pictures of the week when we were moving some of our stuff.. It was such a killer moving out ...
I was so exhausted and feeling really sick and tired of packing things but I have to do it... Good thing Joe's brother and Uncle were there to help us move ,,

I threw more than 1o big plastic bags of stuff and 2 big loads of council pick up  7 big boxes to the Philippines .. That was a lot of purging.....!!!!

What funny was when we were moving all my Christmas decor ,,, One truck load of Christmas decor and I was so surprised to see how much I've got..They were having fun at me for accumulating so much stuff,,,.. Speaking of Christmas,, wont be long now till we spend our 1st Christmas in the Philippines with my kids ,,, I already organizing some Christmas invitations , it would be Fun for my kids to experience Christmas ,, Pinoy style and we would have a special party over there....

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