Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things to do

Last week the agent who sold our house delivered our mails , the new owner gave our mails to the agent to be delivered to us,,, to return the gesture I wrote a nice thank you letter to the new owner .. I also diverted our mails ,, and I must say it is expensive to have mails  redirected , we have to do it ,, so that we will not miss any important letters, aside from that I have to cancel our pay TV, electricity , phone and water , I also need  to get an insurance quote  for our house contents ,, so much stuff to do ..

I am missing the old house and I always pass by to have a glimpse of the house. It had been good for us , I consider it a Lucky house and I would terribly miss it,,, although I like the place that we are staying ,, but it feels like its a holiday house, I know that when our dream home is built I would settle in quickly knowing that we have a HOME!!!!

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