Friday, October 23, 2009

Mommy Moments (Tantrums, Tantrums )

mommy moments

Im Back from a long hiatus from Mommy Moments and I'm glad to see you all again...

Tantrums ,,,Tantrums is the theme for this week's Mommy Moments

Tantrums are normal for kids,, its their way to get things , manipulate the parents and make the parents stress out!!!!

I handle my kids tantrums different from each other,, the 2 small ones have a big personality difference,, Braiden is quiet and Bianca is out going, they saw a quiet river runs deep... so when he has a tantrums the whole house is turned upside down,, the best thing to deal with are  AVOIDANCE   and DIVERSION......
With Bianca ,, IGNORING her while having tantrums is the best method ,, she'll just snap out of it sooner than we think....
Kids are getting bigger and less tantrums nowadays... Knock on wood!!!!!

But how about a PUBLIC TANTRUM?????
Tantrums are difficult to manage when you're out, when outside you are more vulnerable and there are always crowds of interfering people, watching to see how you react .. What is worse is , whatever you do , half the people who watch will think it is wrong,, It is such a real pain when kids throw tantrums in the public..

Thank goodness my kids are easy to manage now,, before we go out I give them the rules first so they know what to expect ,, it was hard when they were toddlers good thing my hubby is there to help me ,, he is so good with rules and discipline and kids listen to him,,,  he also helps me deal with the kids and I find his tactics effective.....

So, tantrums are always going to be there,, even my 15 year old daughter throw tantrums every now and then ,, just do whatever works for your kids ........


  1. biance is still pretty while throwing tantrums! :)

  2. She is so pretty even with tantrums hehehe... Nice meeting you in MM, first time ko ata dito hehehe..
    Here's to handling tantrums for my makukulits

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    Thank you very much!


  3. why are kids afraid more of their dads than us? may be because of the authority on dad's voice.

    who won't hug her and give in with that angelic face? she's pretty.

  4. its great that daddy is involved...

    thanks for joining us again ms Joy! we missed you here!