Saturday, October 24, 2009


AS I said I've sent 4 big boxes of stuff in the Philippines  and I still have 3 more big boxes here at home ready to be sent overseas.. I am having a big head ache with this company that I am dealing with ,, I used to deal with FOREX and they are really good and they really deliver on time...  But someone told me to send my boxes to LBC because it is cheaper ,, half the price of what FOREX is charging,,,,  so off I wen to to my local Pinoy shop to buy boxes ,, filled up 3 boxes quickly and rung their call center services to arrange for pick up ..  But sadly , it was all confusing !! they did not come over to my place to pick up  and I have to ring them up and confirm ,, they said that they will come over but no LBC pickup!!!!!! My hubby was furious knowing that we are moving and we need to have the boxes sent , we don't want to take the boxes to our new place , but no show from the LBC, I have to ring them up the next morning begging them to pick it up,,,,  Ive spoken to a guy over there hesitant saying my place is too far!!!!!!  yeah right ,, what the!!!!!!!!! they are courier service !!!!!  I was really getting agitated with them...  Hubby said if they cannot pick up in time how do I expect them to deliver on time!!!!!

Good point!!!!!!!   hey LBC guys we are here in OZ !!!!!!!!  we deal differently here !!!! FAST and Efficient !!!!!!!!!! we are not back in Pinas!!!!!!!!!   I made a phone call to the 1300 number complaining about the service ,, only to find out that the call centre is based in Pasay Phils... not here,,, expect an email with complains from me,, So if you are sending parcel or money to the Philippines thru LBC think twice!!!!! they are not professionals!!!!!!!!! and you will just have a headache...

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  1. Hi sis the 2 boxes from Forex arrived last sat. already.. Ngek mura ang ang LBC pero d pala professional so send them via Forex na lang to be safe.

    Ate Jen