Sunday, September 13, 2009

Exciting Weekend !!!

We had an AMAZING AMAZING day last Sunday!!!!! 
We went to Darling Harbour and went on a Whale Watching ship..
Braiden was telling us that he wanted to see whales when he saw the commercial on TV , so we decided to book the tickets,, we had never experience seeing whales and it would surely be a lifetime adventure...

It was a perfect weather to go on a cruise;   as we passed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house it was such a glorious day to be in Sydney..

let along to see beautiful creature.... The Humpback Whales!!!!!!!!  

As we navigate we saw 2 whales that was migrating to North as the guide said ...  I was so excited for Braiden,, and most of the people on board were expressing their excitement with Ahhh... OMG!!! and Wow!!!!!  

It was so surreal seeing the whales that close ,, 
we have seen 12 whales!!!!  and as they go and blow water they were was making a  loud whale noises!!!  and some of them went  under the boat!! what an exciting experience!!!

This is my fave shot!!!!!!  

FUN FUN FUN and we will surely visit again.... Check the website here to book... Whale watching 


  1. Wow.. that looks exciting... Im sure Braiden loved this.. Naalala ko yung when we saw a Dolphin at queensland excited na tayo how much more pa itong whales .. nice nice.. Looks like a fine day na dyan ah..

    ate Jen:

  2. nice pics..sarap nmn ng vacation na to!!! sana kame din paglaki ng kids makapanood nyan =0 have a nice day sis!