Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've been very busy !!!! The house had been SOLD 1 month ago and I started packing up our stuff and boy oh boy ,, it is hard!!!! 
After 8 years of staying here in this house we accumulated heaps of stuff... The hardest part and the area that was giving me a head ache is my garage.... The Garage with piles of  stuff.........  a year ago I had a big garage clean up but when our house was on the market I de cluttered the house and toss them all in the garage ,,, 
I wont share a pic because its really embarrassing , anyway,,, I would clean up everyday,, but it is so overwhelming and its giving me a heavy heart... The best thing that I did is to call on for reinforcement !!! I called my friends to help me ,, it was very effective because I just need someone to tell me to let go.... It must have been the emotional attachment that's holding me back , so when friends are here we are quick and decision are made swiftly ,, The TOSS, Give AWAY, To Keep.... rules worked real well,, we worked hard real hard and we don't need any weight loss supplements  anymore after doing that chore...

But I'm glad Ive got friends to count on,, Tomorrow we are going to tackle my SHED and its jam packed too!!!!!


  1. Good luck sa pag lilinis.. pag pwede pa i keep lagay mo sa box tapos patago mo muna sa mga kachikas dyan or d kaya send mo dito hehe..masamang magtapon ng gamit .. ipamigay hehe


  2. ang hirap talaga maglipat. mas mahirap mag-unpack pag nasa new house na.

  3. Glad to know you finally sold the house! Love the new place too, perfect for the growing kids. :)